Compliance & Operations

Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Efficiency

Founders EMS makes processing business easier than ever by integrating key business processing systems. Perhaps you wish to become a paperless office. Maybe you’re looking for greater mobility and a more efficient workflow. Or, you might just be hoping for increased storage capabilities to support your company’s growth. Regardless, Founders EMS delivers a set of Compliance & Operations benefits that will keep your business running at peak levels of efficiency.

Some of the benefits include :

  • Single sign-on through SmartOffice
  • Seamless client data transfers into Morningstar workstation
  • Client populated information from SmartOffice or Precise FP
  • Form filling integration and transferrable records

The Partners selected to enhance the EMS Compliance & Operations experience include :

  • Ebix SmartOffice : Integrations with other key Founders EMS technologies allows this CRM system to provide greater time efficiencies due to removing the need for tedious data entry into multiple locations. Ebix Smart Office integrates with:
    • eMoney (Client Experience)
    • Precise FP (Client Experience)
    • Office 365 (Client Management)
  • Office 365 : Create and manage your enterprise files and workflows in the cloud while being able to manage, update and collaborate on files from anywhere you have internet access. Office 365 integrates with:
    • eMoney (Client Experience)
    • Ebix SmartOffice (Client Management)
    • Precise FP (Client Management)
    • Morningstar CMS (Client Management)
  • LaserApp : A complete form filling software that integrates with SmartOffice. LaserApp integrates with:
    • Ebix SmartOffice (Client Management)
    • Precise FP (Client Management)
  • Founders Financial Securites Business Processing Center : Proprietary to Founders Financial, this business processing center offers a streamlined way to submit and manage your business. Founders Financial Securities Business Processing Center integrates with:
    • NetX360 (Client Management)

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